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Best Chrome Extension for New Bloggers

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Almost 80% of web users use Google Chrome as a browser. Me too using this from past few years. This is one of the fastest and lightweight browsers I have used or one that is available on the market. So if you’re a Chrome user and a blogger then you need to check out the SEO extension list which is available in Chrome Web Store.
As a blogger you need to maintain Domain Authority, for this, you need to check the rank of the website which you’re linking to. There are many good plugins for Mozilla which I will share later.
For now, I have listed some Google Chrome Extensions:

Open SEO Stats
One of the powerful chrome extension for SEO. This extension provides a detailed view of SEO. From Social media stats about the webpage to some in-depth SEO data like a number of backlinks and server details is one of the features of this extension.

Page Load Time

Page load is one of the most important parts of a blogger. This extension will help focus on the essential ranking factor. The tool will give you a breakdown, a list of events and required time for that event to complete.

Spark Content Optimizer
A Chrome add-on that scans content to check how it fits a particular topic and how it makes use of popular search queries. For a page to rank high, proper keyword stuffing is important to determine content quality. Spark is used in this scenario, it will provide you with some ideas for a keyword in the content.

One of the good tool for quick site analysis. Provide a broader view of SEO, considering all the traffic sources as well, which is done by SimilarWeb’s own web crawler and their client data. So if you’re a new blogger try using this tool for better analysis.

SEO Peek
This tool will provide you with on-page SEO factor of the page you visited. It will directly check the DOM object rather inspecting the HTML source or DOM from Chrome DevTools. The extension gives you insights into several relevant content elements.

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