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Ever needed to figure out how to code, yet didn’t know where to begin?
Google came up with new application came to help.

Grasshopper, an application that plans to help instruct grown-ups to code mostly Frontend with a progression of nibble measured confound diversions. Propelled from Google’s Area 120 hatchery, which is dedicated to exploratory undertakings, Grasshopper adopts a Duolingo-like strategy to coding. It separates the fundamental ideas driving javascript, similar to capacities and factors, into lessons you can finish in only a couple of minutes.

Like a portion of the coding applications went for kids, Grasshopper diversion the procedure a bit, transforming coding lessons into smaller than normal riddles you have to fathom. After you learn one idea, the following lesson will expand on it and gradually include new components so every one gets dynamically more confounded.

App also provide users with Code Playground where they can practice their coding skills. They have majorly focused on supporting JavaScript by providing lessons and puzzle. JavaScript is the most popular programming language. It is used by over 70% of professional coders. It can create website, build phone apps, do data analysis and much more. As concept behind every language is same the only difference is syntax.

This is how they puzzle looks like.

Grasshopper have really tried to help new coders to get a hands on experience on JavaScript by providing puzzles, quiz from simple to very complex. Once you solve puzzle, you get promoted to next level where more complex puzzle and quiz are waiting for you.

Code Playground

Obviously, no application can supplant really taking a seat at your PC a honing the genuine article. In any case, with Grasshopper’s lessons, you may feel less threatened to begin.

The application is accessible on iOS and Android.


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